About Us

GovContacts is about finding the right people responsible for buying what you sell.  It is dedicated to providing up-to-date information that is relevant to your industry.  GovContacts is powered by isiFederal Market Essentials processing to identify the top buyers in your market over the last 18 months.  Why 18 months? Because in many instances contract reporting lags by 120 days (especially in DoD).

Custom Reports by GovContacts using isiFederal Market Essentials information are provided for specific industry events so you can maximize your effectiveness and get the most out of the event.

GovContacts has assembled contact information for hundreds of thousands of federal buyers, program managers and key decision makers.  Additionally, GovContacts has contacts from every business that sells to the federal government searchable by DUNS. You have the DUNS, you can get the contacts buying from your competition.

GovContacts endeavors to provide the most accurate information available.  The government occasionally changes their email configuration which creates a problem for everyone and takes years to append while changes take place.  Even over 18 months, people move, people leave and people retire – this will never change.

Our commitment: We will replace every bounced and incorrect contact 2 for 1.  Because we are diligent and use these lists regularly, most lists maintain a less than 5% bounce rate. Even so, we want you to be exceptionally successful. When you let us know of bounces, we make it worth your while and you help us hone the contacts.