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What is Round Table Membership?

Every Monday morning at 10AM EST report holders (members) meet via GoToWebinar to discuss progress, address issues and encourage each other with tactics and strategies so we can all reach the people we want to reach.

Each purchase entitles you to a year of Round Tables. Additional round tables can be purchased for $99 per session.

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Can I get a custom report?

You sure can. Fill this out and we will get a quote so you can get started!


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How do I market to federal contacts?

We recommend a combination of phone and email.  Your purchase also includes access to isiFederal’s Monday Morning Roundtable sessions where you can hear about success stories, strategies, tactics and share your concerns, roadblocks and issues.

For complete federal marketing strategies, you can call isiFederal at 888-9-GET-isi or email

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Why 18 month data?

The federal government contract reporting process can lag by more than 120 days.  If we only concentrate on 12 month data, we run the risk of missing important information that is relevant to your industry. We chose 18 months because we found that around 5% of people change in that period of time. This maximizes your effectiveness in proactively targeting and pursuing your contacts.

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What is your guarantee?

GovContacts guarantees that your report information is correct. Now, we all know that people move, retire and even die – this won’t change.  We do recommend that you call the phone numbers first. In many cases the new person manning that old phone number is a replacement… This can be very advantageous to your proactive pursuit of contacts that matter to you.  What we will commit to is updating the information when it becomes available and providing a secondary report at no additional charge if you find more than 5% of the people are incorrect.


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What is included with my purchase?

All purchases will receive an overview, summary broken down to specific Government and or Industry contacts, Monday Round Table membership access. For special reports, please see the individual description.

NAICS Reports include:

NAICS Report Overview (PDF)

Supporting information (Excel):
Total Contracts
Total Dollars Spent
Primary Competitor
First Name
Last Name
Phone (when available)
email (when available)

Monday Round Tables are held weekly at 10AM EST