NVSBE 2017 – Government Industry Contacts Report with Round Table Membership


2017 National Veterans Small Business Engagement in St. Louis December 5-7. Estimated contacts 2500 .


NVSBE Veteran Affairs Government Contacts Report
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IMPORTANT: The information is not provided by NVSBE or the VA and is exclusive to isiFederal. This is assembled using isiFederal Market Essentials process using historical contract information from publically available sources including FPDS, FBO and USAspending.gov activity and sales correlated to specific decision makers within the VA, some of which are scheduled to be at the event.

Additional information for this report has been correlated from our research with closed systems like GSAebuy and other government sponsored bid listings and includes current decision makers that either the isiFederal team has researched, met with at former events (including NVSBE) or talked with regarding NVSBE in the past that we have determined are likely to be attending the St. Louis event. The top 250 buyers in the report are provided for correlation to attending decision makers that can provide referrals to those on the report.

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  •  Marketing Strategy for pursuing Government contacts
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2017 National Veterans Small Business Engagement in St. Louis December 5-7. This includes the Government and Industry Contacts Report.

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Estimated industry contacts included 2500


Also included:

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